Welcome to my Website

This website is dedicated to documenting my exploits and experiences during my time in Colombia. From the busy streets of Medellin, to the service campaigns in small villages, and much more you can view it all here.

Message to all Guests

One of this websites main purposes is to stay in communication with everyone back home; which is why i have included a guest list where everyone can leave their thoughts and comments(reminder: any information posted in the guestbook is visible to everyone that visits the site), as well as my email, and a phone number where I can be reached by text message. However I also hope this site will motivate others to get out of their box, or in other words, leave their comfort zone. Everyone knows Jehovah's organization is worldwide, but to hear it, and to actually SEE it first hand, are two very distinct things. So I invite you all to follow me on escape-2-itagui.webnode.com, and I hope that one day you too will be able to experience this joy.


Daniel Vargas

275 Felton Drive

Available by text message:
(678) 379-7493


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