Day 10 in Itagui

09/28/2012 14:10

This morning I was introduced to a part of my grandpa´s morning routine that I wasnt familiar with. It consists of checking a piece of cardboard with non-poisonous adhesive that was left next to the washing machine the night before, and then ripping off each (live) rat one by one, throwing it at a wall so it breaks its neck and dies somewhat painlessly, and then tossing it in the trash. Thursday morning he had caught 5, but he threw them out before I could get a picture. There was only one this morning ( see gallery Itagui )

Im still getting used to walking everywhere. My shoes are holding up ok, but I go to bed exhausted every night. Aunt Sor basicly had to beg me to do early morning service this morning. But i managed to get out of bed. We witnessed to a wide variety of people today, including a woman who claimed to be the virgin mary. We also had the oportunity to speak with a few soldiers and policemen. Miltary service is an obligation here in Colombia. Once male students finish school, they must chose from being a cop or a soldier. After 2 years of service, they can choose either to retire or continue with there services. If they choose to retire, they recieve some sort of documentation that allows them to get another a job, and they also recieve a monthly check from the government. Now for the Witness boys it can get tricky. In the past, they would have to face a considerable amount of jail time, but now they have the option of just buying the documentation that allows them to work. Unfortunatly it doesnt come cheap. $500,000 pesos, which is roughly $300 dollars. If they cant afford it, which happens in alot of cases, they just work under the table for another witness.

My grandpa is in negotiations with the brothers in Sopetran to set me up for the public talk this Sunday. Iv been trying to incorporate Uncle Arjis suggestions. Hope it goes well.