Day 12 in Itagui

09/30/2012 13:41

Uncle Arji told me the background story on the giant rock in Guatape. The property, along with agabillion acres surrounding it, was owned my an old farmer. 3 men bought the property from him, neglecting completely the giant rock. But as time went on, more and more people would come to see the rock, and eventually the 3 men took advantage and started charging. $2 US dollars for parking, and a additional $5 to climb up. Once you get on top theres a ton of gift shops. I cant imagine how much money they made of that thing. My uncle says the rock was actually a meteor that crashed a long time ago, and that the portion thats underground is even more immense than the portion we can see. That theory makes more sense to me. But im glad there isnt more of it above ground, because I was ready to pass out after 740 steps.

I had arrangements with Julian ( see photo 37 from photogallery Itagui ) to go street witnessing at 7. But he never did show up, no phone call or anything. So I just went in service with Aunt Sor like I do pretty much every morning. We went to the park, which isnt really a park at all, its more like the town square where people just socialize for hours. Every town has its park, and they almost always have a church right in front. We had the "priviledge" of witnessing in the park while theyre church meeting thing was going on. There was all sorts of comotion and singing, there were crowds of people standing by the door. In a way, it insipired me personally to preach the biblical truth with more zeal (celo). After a few hours in the park we sat down a bit for cofee and a empanada, then we went to do some of my aunts return visits in a very shady area. Despite the "charms" of the neighborhood, we did get to speak to a older woman for a good half hour, and my aunt set up a bible study with her. Productive service day as always.