Day 14 in Itagui

10/02/2012 13:15

One of my great great aunts died yesterday, on my grandmas side, and we went to see her in the funeral home. I dont remember the proper term in spanish for velorio, but basicly they leave the body sitting in a open casket for a full 24 hours, while people come and go to see thier dead loved one. It was a interesting experience. In general, it seems like people have a different mentality towards death here. They understand and accept that death is inevitable. Also, this lady was super elderly, so I think everyone saw it coming. Everyone was just sitting around and talking. You wouldv thought it was a party if it werent for the casket and giant cross in the center of the room. After a while a woman stood up, spoke to the corpse, then started to pray out loud, and everyone would pray along with her. So i stepped outside and taught a girl how to use her Nintendo that her uncle had brought her from the U.S. It probably wasnt the most appropriate thing to do given the circumstances, oops.

As for the food, im enjoying a good portion of it. There are certain meals I have to pray to keep down, but thats my own fault for being picky. Instead of  tortillas, we have arepas. Theyr a bit thicker and have more of a taste to them, a taste that iv grown slighty tired of. Theres a ton of bakerys and restaurants everywhere. To say that theyr on every corner would be an understatement. They just cant get pizza right unfortunately. But you can find american food here as well, its just not as good, and its not very wide spread. The most common food is empanadas, soup,  lots of pastries filled with gauva and cheese and all sorts of great stuff. Rice is present in pretty much every home cooked meal. Even if theres pasta, theyl be rice right next to it. Theyr not very big on fish, thank goodness. Over all, its good stuff.

Theres been a change in plans again, and we will be leaving for Jardin tomorow morning. I already packed, and it was suprisingly easier than how my mom made it sound( I must have done it wrong )