Day 16 in Jardin

10/04/2012 15:14

I woke up to a heavy downpour. Although it always sounds like theres a downpour from my room because of the river that runs behind the house. I was worried it was going to ruin my service day, which would have done serious damage to my service hours, but the day cleared up. There were about 10 people for the service group, which was alot more than I was expecting. I met the only jovenes in the hall, Sebastian ( photos added to photogallery Jardin). I also met the elder/pioneer that the sister told me about. He looks like a colombian version of a present day Clint Eastwood. I was paired with a 10 year old girl named Manuela( Sebastian´s little sister), whose mom was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her father is a ministerial servant; he sells fruit called masamorra all morning, then in the afternoon he has his cheesburger stand that he tends to in the park with Sebastian and Manuela. They´re a really nice family..

Jardin is known for its cofee and plantains. Everywhere you look, you see the little bushes with little red looking fruits. Apparently the red things are coffee. I had grananisado yesterday, which is kinda like a frappe, except it has fresh coffee grounds (among other ingredients). It was awesome.

Im trying to recover from a awful cold but the weather here doesnt help. Its slighty chilly with light showers at least twice a day. On the brightside, the family that we were staying with left to Medellin, and they gave us permission to stay anywhere in the house. So everyone cleared out of the attic, quick, fast, and in a hurry.