Day 18 in Jardin

10/06/2012 20:37

Taking into consideration the circumstances, I had a decent night of sleep. For whatever reason, the right lense on my glasses had a long scratches on it, from one end to the other, that I didnt remember seeing the night before. I wanted to just go ahead and get my eyes checked and buy a new pair of glasses, but abuelito said it would be cheaper if I just waited until I got back to Itagui. It doesnt really bother me too much unless im under direct sunlight.

After a morning of service through rough terrain, I came home ,showered, and off we went to give my first public talk. First we met with a brother in the next town over, Andes ( I have the public talk in Andes tomorow ). The brother gave us directions on how to get to the town where I would be giving the talk, which was about half a hour away.

20 minutues into the drive, we came to a place where about 4 cars were stopped, and a man was sprawled out on the ground, in the middle of the road. One of the drivers, a taxi driver, got out of the car, with gloves, and blocked the road with a caution tape. Me and abuelito and all the other drivers got out of thier cars to see what state the man was in. His right leg was completely torn to pieces, and he was covered in cuts. He layed on the ground, still but conscious. Apperantly the man was on a motorcylce, and he crashed into the taxi while trying to pass it on a sharp turn. I dont remember him saying a single word. The taxi driver was tending to the man, while my grandpa walked off to see something else. I followed him, and we found the man´s passenger.. a woman with a huge gash in her head, covered in blood, standing frozen off to the side of the road. By this point the audience had tripled and everyone had got out of their car to watch this taxi driver tend to the man. ( Photos added to Gallery Jardin, caution, photos arent very pretty). Finally we heard the sirens in the distance. The taxi driver knew all the paramedics by name and actually instructed the paramedics. The road was finally cleared in a matter of minutes, and we made it just in time to give the talk.

It wasnt in a kingdom hall, it was literally in a brother´s living room. The group of ten brothers and sisters were very grateful that I had come, and so I gave my first public talk with lots of help from holy spirit. I cant wait to be able to give it back home in Fayetteville.