Day 20 in Jardin

10/08/2012 12:50

Last night I went to my first meeting in Jardin, and there was a great attendance of around 50. Apparenly my grandpa told one of the elders I wanted to play soccer (not sure why), so he organized a group to go play. Except there are only about 2 or 3 young people in Jardin willing to play soccer, so we would have to drive an hour to Hispaña to play with the brothers there. So off we went. By the time we were leaving Jardin, it was about 6pm, which is sunset here. Soon the sun had come down and the moon had come up, and my grandpa detests driving in the dark. Roads in Colombia arent like the ones in the good old U.S. of A. No sir, theres tons of pot holes the size of full grown pigs, random cows crossing the road, and since the roads are surrounded by mountains, theres all sorts of rocks and rubble covering large portions of the road. All the obstacles are almost imposible to see in the pitch black night. We were following 2 other cars, and at one point the cars ahead of us stopped abruptly and grandpa barely stopped the car in time before rear-ending the brother in front of us. Instead of rear-ending him, we ran straight into a giant pothole that completely tore up the car. We barely made it to Hispaña. Whenever the car switched gears it would make a awful noise, as if it were about to fall apart. My grandpa just kept saying ¨You here that?¨¨This thing is jacked up¨(Loose translation). We finally arrived to the small stadium in Hispaña. It was a basketball court, where they simply replaced the basketball net for a soccer goal thingy. Apparantly it was the same staduim where they have Circuit Assemblies, but I couldnt see how. It was smaller than the average high school gym. We finally got to play, but it was hard to stand on 2 feet, the floor must had been recently waxed. I played my usual position: out of the way. I guess they thought i knew what I was doing, but they quickly realised I had no idea what I was doing after a couple auto goals, and after losing the ball as soon as they would pass it to me. Overall it was fun. One of the elders there booked me to give the public talk next saturday night. The ride back were terribly slow and nerve racking, but we managed to make it back to Jardin in one peice. My grandpa´s out and about trying to fix the car now.