Day 22 in Jardin

10/10/2012 21:25

At last! The day had come for my first campaign, an event I had been anticipating before I even came to Colombia. The service meeting was at 8am. I was told to bring lunch and a hat and a umbrella. I didnt really see the point of the umbrella until we got out on the field. It serves as protection from rain, sun, and wild animals. It also works as a seat protector, and walking stick. It stopped me from falling downhill more than once. We started with 7 publishers. Me, my Aunt Esneda, Sebastian, Manuela, Guillermo, and 2 other sisters. Soon after we left town, an 8th member joined the gang, a pooch. I attempted naming her Fluffy, but aperantly, hispanics can´t pronounce that, and ¨fluffy¨ ended up sounding something like ¨waffle¨. So Guillermo ended up naming it Lucas, even though it was a girl. She stuck with us for the full capaign. It was shocking to me that people actually choose to live so excluded from society. I couldnt imagine how long it takes them just to go get a gallon of milk. In general the house holders where very plesant people who enjoyed hearing the good news. At noon, we took a half hour break for lunch, and everyone fed Lucas. After lunch was probably one of the more tiresome parts, the sun is at its peak, your legs are starting to get tired, and you´re definitly ready for a nap. However despite Guillermos age, he carried on with no dificulty whatsoever. He even left us behind for a while. We managed to work our way around 3 mountains, until about 430pm, when we decided to starting working our way back. That was definitly the most dificult part, because thats when exhaustion kicks in. On the way back we passed by some of the houses where we didnt find anyone on our first attempt, and found alot of them home the 2nd time around. I started to talk with a man that was sharpening his machete, when he started to get loud and angry and wierd. Guillermo took over the conversation at this point, while he casually ate a orange he picked from a tree. Eventually the man said he was busy preparing to slaugter the giant pig he had in his yard, so we left him to his buisness.We tried to leave Lucas/Fluffy/Waffle where we found her 3 times, but she just kept following us. On the last attempt Sebastian threw her over a fence, and we got about a distance of about 10 minutes, and she shortly caught up to us. So eventually we just gave her away to a farmer that was admiring her. We finally got back to town at about 6. We happened to run into a brother who gave us a ride home in his go cart/ taxi. It was a wonderful experience that I hope can be repeated before I leave.