Day 25 in Jardin

10/13/2012 15:23

This weekend, I´ve been the man of the house. Sounds scary doesn´t it? Grandpa left for Itagui yesterday to run some errands, leaving me in charge. This basicly consists of making sure we have milk and making sure grandma doesn´t get lost. This morning we had to move all our stuff to the apartment downstairs because the family where we were previously is coming back home from Medellin.

Grandpas kind of annoyed with me because I never answer the cell phone when he calls. Cell phone plans are extremely annoying here. Everything is prepaid, and you cant buy too many minutes in 1 shot because they expire after a few days. So you constantly have to pay for minutes, they call it ¨recargas¨. The good thing is you can buy minutes anywhere. Markets, internet cafes, corner stores. The most common place for recargas are the ¨Gana¨stores. Gana is basicly a lottery house, where you can bet on all sorts of games. In the park in Jardin, there are 3 of them, they´re everywhere.

Last night I went on another study with Juan Guillermo. I was slightly dissapointed when he told me that it was in Jardin, and not in the middle of nowhere. The study was with an older couple who live right across the street from Sebastian and Manuela. Most of thier home was converted to a garage, where they kept 3 volkswagon beatles that they were modifying. We spent 3 hours there. The first hour was spent talking about Sebastian´s mom and how unfair it is that she has cancer. We touched on unforseen occurences, and from there jumped into the study. Me and Juan Guillermo would taking turns conducting paragraphs, a system I´ll probably be using when I get back home.

I finally found decent pizza! Sebastian recommended the place. When I first walked in, I thought I went into the wrong building because I walked into a living room. I hesitantly walked in, and a little further down the hall were a couple plastic tables with menus taped on the wall. I walked into the kitchen and gave the lady my order, then waited in the living room. It was kinda akward, but defintly worth it. I ordered a slice, and it ended up being half of a full pizza pie, for only $2. The toppings where under the cheese, and the crust was done just right. They´ll be seeing me more often for sure. It´s a shame I have just 10 days left in Jardin.