Day 27 in Jardin

10/15/2012 13:48

Last night was my public talk in Jardin, and it went pretty well. It even got me a stalker. After the the meeting I went to Luis´s (Sebastian´s dad) cheeseburger stand in the park. I took a seat right in front of the stand and I was just about to take my first bite into that beauty of a burger, when in the distance I heard a man scream ¨Daniel!!!¨. He said he had attended the meeting (I dont remember seeing him), and he was impressed with my talk. He then attempted to give a summary of it, even though what came out of his mouth had absoultly nothing to do with my talk. He then went on to talk about how he´s seen the moon turn blue and green, and how he had a necklace with the cross on it, but the jesus fell off the cross and melted into the ground and thats how he know crosses were bad. The man was nuts. I tried to act like I was taking him serious, while I tore up that amazing cheeseburger. I would give Luis and Sebastian faces while the guy wasnt looking, and they would just laugh. I eventually realised the more attention I gave him, the more he would keep talking, so I slowing worked my way into a standing position, and told him I was expected at home, and he finally let me go... 15 minutes later. I then took a seat behind Luis` stand where I was hoping to stay out of sight. Luis said the guy was a druggie(no kidding), he had studied several times with diferent brothers, but he´s never made any commitments. He comes and goes between marijuana and the bible. Eventually, the guy found me again, and gave me a dirty look, and that was my cue to leave. On the brightside I got an hour of service time out of it.

Back home, grandpa was making natilla over a fire they had made in the yard. Im still not 100% sure what it is, but it seems to be some kind of mix of cornmeal and coconut. It has a texture between jello and pudding. It was ok. There were a few sisters there from the hall, and we all sat inside a kiosk/tropical house thingy, while there was a steady rain outside. We listened to Vincente Fernandez and a sister told the story of how her grandma got both of her legs amputated because of gangreen, due to a greasy sancocho. It was a really fun and peaceful night (not sarcasm)