Day 31 in Itagui

10/19/2012 13:15

Its been a month from today since I came to Colombia. I feel I've made some progress in the past month. As far as food goes, you put it on my plate, I´ll eat it, simple as that. Sure I have my preferences, but like the apostal Paul I´ve learned the importance of being all things, or in other words adapting to different situations. Its taken some time to catch on to the pace of life between Itagui and Jardin, but I feel more comfortable, more stable now.

The meeting last night went well. Unfortunately, I won´t be able to give my talk in that congregation. The governing body suggests that the same talk shouldn´t be repeated in a period of 6 months, and someone had just given my talk a month ago. So one of the brothers suggested I take on a new talk. Its still in the brainstorming stage, but it looks like a probability. The brother was going to check what talks haven´t been given in a while, and we´ll pick out a simple one to have ready by next month. There was also the posibility of me giving my talk in a english group in El Poblado, which sounds like a great idea. I just need to download the outline, and my refrences in english and I´m good to go.

Tia Sor has really been trying her best to support me with pioneering. She´s been asking everyone to invite me to give bible studies with them. Today she even took me to another congregation for the service meeting so I could make more freinds and get service hook-ups. Theres was a huge service group of about 25. There were 24 sisters, and 1 brother (besides me). Andres, is a 21 year old pioneer/servant. He doesn´t work, or go to school (I didn´t ask why), so he´s takes advantage and pioneer instead. We worked together through a series of narrow allies and stairs, the views of the city were amazing. Me and Andres have the same talk, so we swapped ideas and then I tried my best to explain to him the concept of american football. We made arrangements for early morning service on sunday. It was a pretty cool morning, and I really aprecciate my aunt´s efforts.