Day 32 in Itagui

10/20/2012 13:51

Yes, I know it¨s spanish day, but I'm feeling american today. Despite the fact that I've adapted fairly well, there's a couple things I don't think I can ever get used to.

Ketchup. Aparently, tomatoe sauce is non existant here. Instead, they use the word tomatoe sauce to refer to ketchup. And they put ketchup, literally, on EVERYTHING. Its awful. Rice, pasta, meat. My mom warned me, but I thought she was kidding.

Underwear. Yes, underwear. I don't know where this idea came from, but everyone showers with there underwear on and leaves them hanging on the pole thingy that attached to the curtain. Then they start to accumulate. I've seen up to 5 pairs at a time. I would add pictures, but that would probably get me negative feedback. But here are some underwear-free photos, I promise. (Photos added to photo Gallery Itagui)