Day 34 In Itagui

10/22/2012 13:11

I dreesed up as fancy as I could, taking into consideration what I had to work with, and off we went to Medellin for Uncle Melvins baby shower. It was a half hour drive, and abuelito didnt exactly know where it was. We got off at one house nearby because we saw baloons and heard music, but as we got closer, we really hoped we were at the wrong party because they´re were a bunch of guys smoking and drinking by the door. It did turn out to be the wrong adress. Eventually we made it to the right adress. It was a small clubhouse about the size of Cabrera´s living room. There was no music. There were chairs set up against the wall and a table for gifts. They served carrot and lettuce sandwiches with mayonaise as the main course. Then my uncle and his wife started opening the gifts. Now I understand why they never really open gifts at parties back in GA. It gets really old, really quick. "A pair of socks! aaaahh!" "a hat! ooohhhh" "yet another pair of socks.. ahhh" "A pair of pants that probably won´t fit until the baby is about 5... ahh..". There was more life at that velario(open casket showing) I went to a couple weeks ago. Having said the negative, despite the bad job his sister-in-law did at throwing the party, my uncle and his wife seemed really happy and cute together. They would comunicate with each other in sign language and then just chuckle to themselves. It was good to see them. (Photos added to photogallery Medellin). We left after half an hour.

That sandwich just opened my apetite, so when we got back to Itagui we went walking in the park and I ate a giant burger. It was alright. Not as good as the ones Luis would make in Jardin. His had much more cheese, he would toast the buns, and it was for a third of the price compared to the one I had last night. My grandpa said we could go back to Jardin for a burger, but I dont know if he was serious. (Photo added to photogallery Itagui).

Theres no meeting this week because we have our Circuit Assembly this weekend. Uncle Argi is trying to pull some strings so I can go to the pioneer meeting the day before the assembly. And I already offered to help out in any department during the assembly. Can´t wait.