Day 36 in Itagui

10/24/2012 13:25

This morning I did a fusion of early morning service and a slight shopping spree. It was lovely, I spent half of what I would´v spent back home. First I bought a 8 GB USB for about $7(U.S. dollars), which back home that would´v cost me between $15-$20. Later I passed by a building near the park and I bought 2 CDs with a 100 songs each for $1.10 each. In US a album with maybe 15 songs would be what? From $10 to $20 bucks. You can´t beat that. Then after service I went for a eye check up. The consultation was only $5 compared to the $30-$50 price range in the U.S., and they do the same exact thing they would do in the U.S. The more expensive part was the lenses and the frame but it still doesnt even begin to compare with what I wouldv payed back home. The frame and lenses came out to about $110, only because I have "estigmatismo y miopia" in both eyes, whatever that means. Plus they´re scratch proof and they have a special protection to light, for using the computer or Tv or videogames. That easily would have been about $500* back home. To top everything off I got a hair cut for the assembly this weekend. That came out to a wopping $4 ( I wonder if Debbie will match that price.. :P just kidding) Now I can finally fit in with the colombians. My grandpa warned me against telling people I´m american, but it´s not my fault because they can usually tell just by looking at me. If that doesnt give me away, my accent does. I can´t help it.