Day 40 in Itagui

10/28/2012 17:22

Day 2 of the district assembly was just as great, if not better than the first day. My grandpa stayed home again. They tore out one of his teeth yesterday with no anastetic, so he wasn´t a very happy camper. We went in the pick-up again, but this time Argi rode in the back with Mateo. I tried to swap with him but he insisted on going in the back. He said "You don´t want to go back there, trust me". Once at the hall I met up with Daniel and some brothers that go to my hall. One of the brothers, Rodolfo Alvadan introduced me to a young pioneer who goes to the chinese group and seems to be pretty fluent with it. Rodolfo suggested that me and him should make service plans since they´re teritory is in a good area. So we swapped numbers, and I really didnt see him after that. Me and Daniel were sort of a tourisjkmn bghyy bbvbhmn   ddcfbgnb  kijuu  nmjhjuy bvncb ujj bnbn v vbgj   jn gmbnb fb7mulmj bnvhfjfhgkbn  dohglj nnmb  bhhgnjuyuigjnhm cfvtuirii  hjitgel7 v nmbnn  ,uhh vvbgyt nbmjjhh6jgjik. Sorry my cousins kid took over the computer. Anyways me and Daniel were sort of a tourist attraction. Brothers would hear us speaking and english and would just stare at us with a big grin on thier faces. We got to meet plenty of more brothers and sisters. During the program they touched on local needs for the circuit. Aparantly one of thier biggest issues is with attendence. The Circuit Overseer said " Nothing should get in the way of you attending the meeting, not work, or rain, or the big game between Colombia and Panama. I got a good laugh out of that one. During the lunch break, Daniel metioned that there was a english special day assembly in Bogota in a couple weeks and he invited me to go with him. Its about 8 hours by car, so we´re gonna fly. And we´re planning to go to the branch and spend about a week over there. I´m just waiting on the green light from El Padre. So far, it looks good. I wonder if itl help if I get a petition going or something :D.