Day 44 in Itagui

11/01/2012 13:18

After finishing yesterdays post, I decided I had a serious craving for a decent, non-expensive cuban sandwich. I had completely forgotten it was holloween, but I was quickly reminded as soon as I stepped out into the street. These people LOVE holloween, I´ve never been in such a nuts enviroment. They closed off all the roads within 2 blocks of the park. The park was extremely, beyond belief crowded. You literally couldnt even walk without being pressed tight against someone. The costumes were ridiculous: devils, batmans, captain americas, witches, homeless people, nuns; even the poor dogs were in costumes. After a good half hour, I finally found a place that had cubans. It was a pretty long wait but it was probably one of the best cubans I´ve ever had :D

Today I went in early morning service with Andres from Asturias. On my way to meet him, I got a good look at the aftermath of holloween. Now despite being a big busy city, Itagui is always clean. However holloween seems to be a huge exception. The streets were pretty nasty. There were candy wrappers, beer bottles, confetti, and people trying to sleep of hangovers all over the streets. It was pretty bad. ( Photos added to Photogallery Itagui )

I got in contact with Jhonny Garces´ sister today. We´ll be meeting tomorrow morning at the Poblado metro station so she can show me where the english group meets, and I´ll finally go preaching with them. If all goes well, I´d be interested in joining them regularly until I leave, in only 35 days...