Day 49 in Itagui

11/06/2012 13:03

Last night was pretty lay back. We went to my dad´s cousin Adriana´s fast food stand. It was heavenly. Epanadas, buñuelos, fried chicken, salchipapas, the greatest collection of the greasist food ever imagined. My grandpa says he goes because he knows I like the stuff, but the truth is he ends up eating more than me.

Once back home, we walked into the kitchen to find a rat taking a relaxing swim in a pot of water we left on the stove. And thus began the Rat Wars. That first rat ran into a box where we keep all the tupperware and stuff. My grandpa cleaned out the box and smashed the rats head as I took photos from a safe distance. Then there was numero dos. Me and abuelita where in the hallway when a rat went zooming past us. We both jumped around screaming like little girls while abuelito chased the thing with a broom. It made its way to the balcony, where it then dashed into a tiny pipe for water. It then made a quick escape a la James Bond, jumping out of the pipe down to the sidewalk 2 stories down, and then walking into the restaurant next door. At that point we decided it was a good idea to bring out the big guns: non-poisonous rat adhesive (glue). Unfortunately, it was no match for numero 3, who ran right over the glue without even losing a hair. He then made his way to the balcony and we lost him. During our search for numero 3, Argi decided to join in on the fun. While I was looking out the window for numero 3, Argi lightly rubbed the broom against my foot, and scared the mess out of me. Once he recovered from laughing/crying, he told us he was fighting a rat upstairs before we got home. He managed to burn its tail and then it ran off. So that probably made it angry, which started the whole mess downstairs in the first place -_- woohoo ( Photos added to Photogallery Itagui)

Today the sun has been unbearable. Especially since I was already burnt pretty bad at the pool yesterday. I could only last an hour with the group in service. We have the Circuit Overseer this week, but I´ll probably only be there for half the week, then I´ll spend my rest of time in Poblado. I already got the C.O. visit in Newnan before I left anyways.