Day 51 in Itagui

11/08/2012 14:52

When I first met Daniel, he spoke of a theory, holiday mode. When on vacation (or holiday as the british call it), our view of common sense can easily became slightly distorted. You do things that you normally would never do back home. Sometimes they¨re little insignificant details, and other times they¨re not. For example, yesterday I payed about $90 for a pair of adidas. Back home, I would make fun of Chuy and the other shoe/cleet fanatics for doing the same thing. But since your on holiday, your thought process changes a bit, something that can be dangerous if your not cautious. Now I don´t even want to wear those adidas because I don´t want to dirty them. So when traveling, beware of holiday mode.

For the sake of bragging rights, I went to see Skyfall last night, which doesn´t have it´s U.S. release until tomorow. As far as James Bond films go, this is probably the cleanest one since the Sean Connery films. There are 2 kissy scenes that are literally 5 seconds long, and fewer shootouts than any other Bond film I´ve ever seen. Instead of focusing on Bond´s iffy habits, this film focuses more on the plot itself, and depicts Bond as more of regular guy with physical boundries. It features a lovely intro by Adele, and and awesome stellar soundtrack through out. Skyfall serves as a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Bond series, and it does an excellent tie-in at the end of the film with the original Bond films. I should leave the pharmacy gig and be a movie critic.

After the movie I headed back home so I could talk Argi and Sor to dinner for their anniversary. Only we had to wait a couple hours for Argi because of the elders meeting with the C.O. He finally got home at about 8, but by that time he didnt really want to go anymore because  had to wake up at 4am the next morning for work. But Sor was already dressed up and ready to go, so she kinda forced Argi. My aunt Esneda stayed home to babysit, so it was just me abuelito, abuelita, Sor and Argi. Dinner was great, and pretty cheap considering it was a fancy, classy restaurant. It was a great ending to another lovely day in Colombia.