Day 53 in Itagui

11/10/2012 12:57

About a month ago I mentioned that I wasn`t going to be able to give my talk in my base congregation of Naranjos, but that one of the brothers suggested that I take on another public talk that hasn`t been given recently. Well the brother never brought it up again so I figured it was a no go. Wrong. I just found out last night that I have 8 days to prepare a public talk for next sunday, which kinda freaks me out, but at the same time I feel that I perform best with tight deadlines so lets see how it goes. I have that talk programmed for Sunday the 18th. I have 2 scheduled for the 25th, one at 8am and the other at 11am ( I accidentally double booked myself). And then finally, the english talk in Poblado on December 3rd.

Tonight there`s supposably a "party" at my house for the jovenes, but I can already tell that not too many people are going to come. On top of that, the only sister that dances, a 15 year old, didnt get perrmision to go. I tried to invite everyone from Poblado as a back up plan, but they all have meeting tonight.  Well, on the brightside I´ll have more time to work on my talk.