Day 55 in Itagui

11/12/2012 17:56

Last night, after finishing yesterday´s post, I went off on a cheeseburger hunt. I knew I would never find one like the ones in Jardin but I knew there were decent ones out there. Weekends are the best for eating out,  especially holiday weekends like this one. Like most big cities, some of the best food is typically found in little food carts on the street. And you always see them more often on the weekends here. So with little effort, I found myself a good huge burger, with a pepsi, for about $4. The thing with huge burgers is they make a huge mess. I was dropping bacon and dripping sauces all over the place. While still battling my monster burger I headed over to the park to catch the last couple minutes of the clown show. They perform every Sunday, and every Sunday the park gets crazy packed. Once the show finished I sat down to finish the rest of my burger. About 5 feet away from me there was a homeless man lying on the floor, which made me feel slighty guilty. The thought had crossed my mind to give him the rest of my burger... but I didn´t.

I was planning on going in service today, but instead I ended up washing my grandpas car. That took a good hour and a half because he´s a bit of a clean freak when it comes to his car. We had a early lunch because abuelito wanted to take me to see some little towns. I wasn´t to crazy about the idea, because in general, you see one little town, you´ve seen them all. But I know this is his way of trying to make sure I´m happy here, so I went along with it. First we went to a town called la Ceja (the eyelash). I have no idea why its called that. It was raining pretty hard for most of time we were there. So we just sat in a bakery and drank coffe while we watched the rain fall, and made fun of a one-eyed baker. The next town was called Rio Negro. We didnt do much there, just pass in the car, and get lost for a good half hour. Then for some reason, my grandpa decided to go to the airport to look around and stretch our legs. That caused a bit of a inner conflict for me. On one side, it made me wana jump on one of planes and head home, but at the same time I was fighting to dismiss that thought because it´s really awesome here and I really want to enjoy the 23 days I have left. (Vea PhotoGallery La Ceja)