Day 57 in Itagui

11/14/2012 12:32

I´m proud to say that I can finally match my own clothes, and sometimes I feel like I´m the only guy here capable of that. Colombian guys seriously can´t match thier clothes. Luckily I´m only half colombian. But these people come out with horrible combos, like a orange shirt with a red tie, it´s awful.

I just went to drop of my cousin´s kid at school, and on the way we saw a kid trying to catch this little black puppy. On the way back, I saw the same puppy tied to a motorcycle going at full speed, and I was freaking out. The poor thing was barking and crying and trying to keep up but it wasn´t going to last much longer. It was the same kid that was chasing the puppy and his dad was driving. He drove around the block a couple times until the neighbor´s started cussing and screaming at the guy. Then he drove off elsewhere and I haven´t seem him since.

I´ve developed a good service schedule where I can do 20 hours a week, and only go out 4 days out of the week. I make 8 hours easily every friday in Poblado, so that just leaves 3 days of 4 hours and I´m set for the week. I´ve been trying that out the past couple weeks and it works great. However, a good majority of those hours are made on my own, which doesn´t really bother me as much as I thought it would. Today I walked down to the metro station to try out a new technique. Outside the station, you walk onto a bridge a long bridge that goes into Mayorca or down onto the sidewalk. There´s a part of the bridge that makes a left turn, so I would stand in that corner with my fan of tracts. That method really worked! I can´t remember the last time I felt that productive out in service. I would offer one to everyone that would make eye contact. A few metro passenger´s even snatched them right out of my hand. It really caught people´s attention... a bit too much unfortunately. A couple security guard´s with shot guns told me I couldn´t preach on the bridge, they were cool about it though. They said I could stay at the entrance of the bridge, so I did, and it was just as productive. Across from me was a little old lady selling gum from a suitcase. After almost a hour I noticed that everyone that would by from her would walk away with a tract in their hand. So I went to say hi and it turns out she´s a witness. I was standing literally 5 feet away from her all that time and I didnt notice. So I left her that territory and went off to preach elsewhere, but I´ll definitly go back there tomorow.