Day 6 in Itagui

09/24/2012 11:54

Due to popular demand (coughcoughbotascough), I shall be switching over to english. Yesterday was my first meeting in Itagui. The walk to the Kingdom Hall was slightly ridiculous, to say the least. It wasnt too far, about 15 minutes. But 15 minutes waaaayy uphill, like Stone Mountain uphill. I was literally climbing up poles and blocks of cement. All this in a suit. It was interesting. The Kingdom Hall was small but cozy, the wall furthest from the entrance was nonexistant. During the meeting i counted (what i thought were) 27 gunshots. I was freaking out but everyone else ignored them. It turned out just to be fireworks.

After the meeting Tio Arji gaves me the dates to give a public talk in Jardin. Its on the 13th and 14th of October. The brother that was assigned to go is sick so Ill be taking his spot. Tio Arji is gona check out my talk on Wensday to make sure its ok.

I went in service again this morning with Tia Sor. Im learning to be more selective with the people I approach. Even though Tia Sor got mad because I tried to place a magazine with a drunk (how was I supposed to know). But besides that it went well. 

Im a bit paranoid about the way I dress. I dont want to stand out, but thats kind of difficult when it feels like your stuck in the 80s. Mohawks and mullets and tacky lipstick. But all is well in the eterna primavera