Day 60 in Itagui

11/17/2012 13:25

My new tract method continues to work for me. Yesterday, while I was waiting for Luisa Garces at the Metro Station so we could meet the group in Poblado, I witnessed at the entrance with my tract fan. A man that had already recieved a tract from me several days ago came up to me and gave me a pat on the shoulder and said that he read the entire thing and that it was good information. I´ve only tried the method twice, and between those 2 times, I´ve placed over 30 tracts, it´s great.

Thursday night I got a text message from Daniel from U.K. at about midnight. He said he had some friends from U.K. in town that were going to be in the area for a while and that they needed a place to stay, a pioneer couple. I spent a while trying to find them a place with no sucess. But I got to meet them Friday morning in service with Poblado. They´re a young couple that have come to help out for a couple months, and possibly longer. They were able to find a place with Jonathan Whatley, one of the head honchos of the Poblado group. They´re a awesome couple that reminded me alot of Peter and Amanda. (Photos added to Photogallery Poblado)