Day 63 in Itagui

11/20/2012 12:54

Despite the overall "awesomeness" of Colombia and its people, I´ve seen a bit of lack of unity within the congregations. For example, this morning, one of the young guys from the hall that ussually doesn´t go in service, went in service today. I wanted to make arrangements to preach with him, but I couldn´t remember his name. I asked 3 different sisters, and no one knew the poor kids name. And it´s not like he´s irregular, he´s at every meeting and he even passes the microfones sometimes. Finally a sister knew his name and I was able to go in service with him. He´s a good kid, a bit quiet, but a good kid. I´ve been seeing quite a bit of that, unfortunately, people not knowing who´s who, much less where they live. It makes me appreciate Fayetteville a bit more.

My english talk in Poblado is a week and half away. I´m going to see if I can practice it with Daniel or another foriegner to make sure I´m using proper theocratic english. What makes me more nervious about it is that Alvadan said she already put together a small army to come and see me (no pressure).