Day 69<in Itagui> (9)

11/26/2012 13:15

Last night in Anza was pretty peaceful and lay back. The sky became a replica of the Stanley Theater light show they used to present after the assemblies. We sat in front of the hut where we were staying, while my grandpa reminisced(google it) with a couple extended family members I´ve never heard of. After they left, me and abuelito went to the car to get some stuff, and I screwed up my ankle pretty bad on a dip in the grass that i didn´t see. I know have a limp and a swollen ankle -_-

As I thought, the time I have left here will be jam packed. We´re leaving early Wensday morning to a town 6 hours away to go pick up my aunt, which will take up all of Wensday and Thursday. Friday is my last service day in Poblado. Saturday a sister invited us for dinner, and Sunday is my english public talk in Poblado, which I´m slightly nervious about, but it should be just fine. (Photos added to PhotoGallery Sopetran)