Day 70 in Itagui (8)

11/27/2012 16:57

I expected to take it easy yesterday, so my ankle could heal properly. But Dan from U.K. wanted to hang out with me before I left and he needed some translating assistence so I just rubbed a ton of Vicks on my ankle and headed out there. He found a rusty old bike on the roof of the apartment he's staying at and he wanted to see how much it would be to get it all fixed it up. We were expecting a $50 price range or higher, but the grand total came out to a whopping $6, and he even threw in a free air pump. The bike was good as new and I was pretty impressed with that. We then headed out to Poblado for dinner at a 6 story mall. It was lovely. Where else can you have a dinner of crepes and waffles at a fancy restaurant on a 6th floor balcony for $7?

Now that I know where I can be used to the fullest (Poblado), I've decided to dedicate all that time that I can to serving there. It probably doesn't matter all too much now that I was a week left, but it's all the same to me. My grandpa thinks I should stick around my own congregation. But I respectfully told him that wasn't my congregation, and that I go where the need is, and since the metro doesn't go all the way to Jardin, Poblado is where I'm needed the most. Besides, service is much more productive there and lasts much longer. In Itagui, everyone goes their seperate ways at 11am. The earliest we've ever ended service in Poblado was today, at 330pm, and only because Ben and Sophie, the couple from U.K, had to go back to go serve on a island called San Andres. I think abuelito gets the point now, hopefully. 

We had a good group today. We started out with the local spanish group, and strangely enough, the elder who took out the group knew exactly who I was, and he asked if I was a bethelite. By noon, it was just us foriengers left. Ben and Sophie Seimen, Daniel Howes, Jonathan Whaley, and Leidi Luque, who technicly isn't a forienger but she spent years in Florida so she speaks perfect english. Since our trip to Perriera got canceled, I"ll be back in Poblado tommorow. (Photos added to Photogalleries Poblado and Sopetran)