Day 8 in Itagui

09/26/2012 13:22

Today I finally understood why hispanics use the phrase "cada 8 dias" to refer to a full week. Ive been here a week, shouldnt it be day 7? Ill just go with it..

It is with immense pleasure that i introduce to you...... Mayorca! A 14 story shopping mall, equipped with casinos, gyms, car dealerships, banks, indoor parking, movie theater, arcade, and of course a ton of stores and restaurants, with both indoor and outdoor portions. :D Its a beauty to say the least. (See gallery Mayorca) 

After the Watchtower study last Sunday, Uncle Arji announced that the son of a sister had died. Now that I know the details.. its become blog-worthy. Colombia has been at war for the past 50 years, an internal conflict. The Colombian government and its army have been fighting against the Colombian guerillas(not gorillas) and the drug cartel. And well, everyone around here knows, you dont mess with the guerillas. If they want to rob you, you gladly hand over every single item in your possesion, if you enjoy living. Well, the son of the sister had just left home to go to work, and his daughter had happened to give him a phone call. Someone answered the phone, but it wasnt her father. When she asked where her father was, the man said " Well since your dad doesnt take anything from anyone, or let anyone take anything from him, we killed him. You can pick him up at the mourge". And thats exactly where they found him. He tried to run and they shot him twice in the back, then once he was down.. a shot to the head. Its like a drunk told me today "Bienvenido ha Medellin, Eterna Primavera... mas bien Eterna Valacera"  -_-

I made 2 new freinds during informal witnessing today with Aunt Sor. Camilo and Andres, a pair of drunks/ drugdealers who didnt appear to be drunk at first. I sat and spoke with them for about an hour, and as we spoke more shady individuals would join the conversation. They had plently of questions and they appreciated the fact that I approached them even though theyr... well drunks/ drugdealers. At the end I bought Andres a cofee and we agreed to talk more some other time. I enjoyed it.

The trip to Jardin was postponed to next week, instead of this week. So we can only stay for 3 weeks instead of a full month because of the Circuit Assembly at the end of October. Ill keep in touch as always