12/03/2012 15:19

The weekend before I left for Colombia, someone gave me a T-shirt as a sort of good-bye gift. It said "How can I think out of the box, if you won´t even let me out of it", and it had a picture of a little guy trapped in a wooden box. When I first saw it, I really didn´t get the point. What did that have to do with anything? Well I get it now. Sometimes we´re so absorbed in our own world, in what we´re used to doing, our traditions and our habits, sometimes it can hold us back from "getting out of our box". There´s always going to be a million reasons and concerns as to why we shouldn´t get out of our comfort zone and serve in other lands: work, family, money, the congregation. However the imense blessings and benefits of making such a drastic change outway all those doubts and concerns. In these past 77 days I´ve learned alot and gained countless experiences that will be with me for life. Just to mention a few of them, I´ve learned to be a bit more independent. I´ve seen with my own eyes how the love among Jehovah´s people is worldwide. I´ve experienced how Jehovah guides you to make wise desisions if you just consult with him first. I´ve become a decent public speaker, I´ll eat almost anything, and I´ve made freindships that´ll last a lifetime. Who doesnt want to experience all those blessings? I want to thank all the loyal fans, who inspired me to keep writing even when it meant staring at a blank screen for 20 minutes until I could come up with something to write. Some of you know your way around my blog better than I do. I sincerely hope that I have, at the least, helped you to consider the possibility of "getting out of your box", and I guarantee you won´t ever regret it.

Fin De La Obra


                                                                                            -DANIEL ALBERTO VARGAS ALMIEDA