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12/03/2012 15:19
The weekend before I left for Colombia, someone gave me a T-shirt as a sort of good-bye gift. It said "How can I think out of the box, if you won´t even let me out of it", and it had a picture of a little guy trapped in a wooden box. When I first saw it, I really didn´t get the point. What did...

Day 76 in Itagui (TWO)

12/03/2012 14:45
Saturday night my ankle flared up. I was doing fine on it, to the point where I didnt even have a limp. But I took a nap saturday evening before my "suprise" going away party, and when I woke up my foot was purple and swolen. It was more painful to walk on than when I first injured it. It was...


12/03/2012 14:44

Dia 74 en Itagui (4)

12/01/2012 14:23
Mañana tengo mi discurso en ingles en Poblado. Tengo todo lo que necesito, menos una Biblia, un Anuario, y un cantico, pero espero que sale bien. Voy a ir solo, me toca tomar el metro. Espero que puedo llegar bien, porque ademas de ser el discursante, soy el unico con llaves para el Salon. Hoy me...

Day 73 in Itagui (5)

11/30/2012 19:57
It´s Christmas time. Which means my probabilities of getting robbed, literally, just tripled. My cousin Briane was walking home from work with a couple coworkers, and they each had each just cashed their generous checks. Right when they were about to walk into his house, 3 armed men with motor...


11/30/2012 19:35

Dia 71 en Itagui (7)

11/28/2012 14:54
Hoy no fue un buen dia para predicar en ingles porque Madonna esta en Medellin. (Fotos añadidas a Photogallery Poblado) Las calles de Poblado estaban literalmente vacias. El boleto mas barato estaba en $750,000 pesos, alrededor de $400 dolares. En Marzo, cuando empezaron a vender los boletos,...

Day 70 in Itagui (8)

11/27/2012 16:57
I expected to take it easy yesterday, so my ankle could heal properly. But Dan from U.K. wanted to hang out with me before I left and he needed some translating assistence so I just rubbed a ton of Vicks on my ankle and headed out there. He found a rusty old bike on the roof of the apartment he's...

Day 69<in Itagui> (9)

11/26/2012 13:15
Last night in Anza was pretty peaceful and lay back. The sky became a replica of the Stanley Theater light show they used to present after the assemblies. We sat in front of the hut where we were staying, while my grandpa reminisced(google it) with a couple extended family members I´ve never...

Dia 68 <en Ansa> (COUNTDOWN: 10!)

11/25/2012 18:18
Ha sido un dia lleno de actividad, y el tiempo corre super rapido. Madruge para ir a dar un discurso a las 8 am en un barrio llamado Castilla, donde vive la familia de mi tio Argi. Antes de salir abuelito nos mando a llevar un cambio de ropa y un sepillo de dientes. Para mi no tenia sentido, pero...

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